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Winter 2009/10
Happy New Year from JSP! We have just closed out another very busy year!
This will catch you up with some of the news about the many
projects in production and completed during the past year at JSP.
We are greatful to our diverse and talented clients for the great projects they continue to send our way.

Spring 2009

EMMY Nomination - "Five Years on Mars"
After contributing 31 shots (approx. 10 minutes) of animation to this program about NASA's Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, we were pleased to receive a National Emmy nomination for CGI animation in the "Graphic Design and Art Direction" catagory from the National Acadmy of Television Arts & Sciences. Although we didn't win the Emmy for Art Direction, the program did win the Emmy for "Outstanding Science, Technology and Nature Programming" for 2009!

For more information about the program look here: National Geographic Channel
View sample scenes: Quicktime movie

Early Winter 2009

CAPTURED LIGHT STUDIO - Boston Shoulder Practice
Working with our colleages at Captured Light Studio, we produced several shots covering the surgical procedure for Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (TSA). We worked closely with talented Surgeons John Warner and Larry Higgins to produce an extremely accurate and concise overview of the anatomy and procedures related to Shoulder Replacement. Our animation will be a key component to a new program for patient education and will also be used to advance patient's understanding for informed consent.

View sample scenes: Quicktime movie

Spring 2009

DIRECT IMAGE and DESIGN - "Aspheric Lens Concept"
Working with the design staff at DiD, we created several conceptual sequences animating ribbons of light to illustrate the zonal properties of aspheric contact lenses.

View sample scenes: Quicktime movie

Spring 2009

ARGO FILMS - PBS Nature Series - "Frogs: The Thin Green Line"
In another collaboration with Emmy award winning producer Allison Argo, we contributed several shots to her latest film for the PBS "NATURE" series, including 3D animated maps showing the spread of the chytrid fungus and its devestating effect on frog populations around the world. The program first aired in April and has travelled the globe for other screenings, for more information about the program look here: PBS Nature

View sample scenes: Quicktime movie

Summer 2009


A MORE PERFECT UNION - Katrina Wing, Louisiana State Museum
Working with Salvatore Raciti and Fred Brink of A More Perfect Union, we created animation for a new Katrina wing at the Louisiana State Museum in New Orleans illustrating the dynamics of a hurricane's heat pump to strengthen a storm and the subsequent shearing as the hurricane starts to fall apart.

To view a scene: Quicktime movie

Summer/Fall/Winter 2009

ALCON LABORATORIES - Captured Light Studio
Working in collaboration with Captured Light Studio and project directors at Alcon Laboratories, we created over 20 minutes of animation for inclusion in eight different computer learning programs and marketing projects produced for Alcon. These programs are used to educate doctors, patients and sales reps on Alcon's newest products and the procedures related to their implementation. We had lots of creative fun with fluids, inverse kinematics and more while producing these meticulously detailed and highly technical animated spots.

View a sample of the animation: Quicktime movie

Winter 2009/10



We are now in production on a project showcasing the new CONSTELLATION® Vision System along with the anatomy and surgical procedures related to the posterior segment of the eye.

View a sample of the animation: Quicktime movie

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